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Mitch Horowitz Speaking Terms—2018

Mitch SoM Shoot

Mitch speaks regularly on themes of alternative spiritual history and practical philosophical ideas at universities, art spaces, spiritual centers, historical societies, grade schools, and public libraries. He has spoken recently at Rice University, Flagler Museum of Art (FL), Hauser & Wirth Gallery (NYC), New York Public Library, Oakland Public Library, Rubin Museum of Art (NYC), Esalen Institute, Goddard Collage, NYU, New School for Social Research, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (VA). His talks focus either on the development of alternative spiritual culture, or on the practical application of metaphysical thought.

**Fee starting at $1,500 (payable day of event)

**Ground transportation/ airfare (payable in advance of event or upon submission of receipts)

**Standard business lodging

**Expenses TBD

**Books for sale ordered/sold by venue